Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Minimum Wages; Big Differences (Republish)

On my blog, I see a lot of searches for minimum wage standards in China, and I have been waiting for a compiled chart, detailing the wage standards. Given the size of China and the huge variance of economic development, minimum wage standards vary considerably. I need to wait no more as China Herald just posted a piece, in which Fons Tuinstra stated that a team from the Renmin University of China had prepared and made available minimum wage standards of all the provinces and regions. And this work resulted from China’s joining the Global Wage Indicator.

With respect to minimum wage variance, the standards range pretty wildly. For example,

Beijing———– 730.00 Yuan/month; 8.7 Yuan/hour

Shanghai——– 840.00 Yuan/month; 7.5 Yuan/hour

Shaanxi——— 540.00 Yuan/month for Xi’an CBD, and wage standards decrease gradually for less developed areas. In my home town (Chenggu County), the minimum wage is 460.00 Yuan/month.

This is just a sampling of the significant differences in minimum wage standards in China. So, to those who want to know the “minimum wage standard in China,” I will remind them that there is no uniform minimum wage. Luckily, they can go here to view all of the minimum wage standards, broken down to provinces, cities/districts, and counties (in some instances).

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