Thursday, July 12, 2007

China’s New Labor Contract Law (II)

After the promulgation of the Labor Contract Law of the P. R. China, the legal community interested in Chinese law is abuzz with excitement and curiosity. For those who have not been able to view the full text in English, get it here. If you can read it in Chinese, get it here. Further, I suggest that you read the Labor Contract Law in conjunction with the Labor Law of P. R. China, and for that in Chinese view it here. (English version, here.) If you are a labor and employment lawyer in need of a thorough understanding of Chinese labor law, you might also want to read the Ministry of Labor’s Several Opinions on the Implementation of the Labor Law of the P. R. China (Chinese only). For regulations on minimum wage in China, you may want to read the order issued by Ministry of Labor and Social Security in 2003. (Read it here.)

Sweeping the New Labor Contract Law is on paper, but I agree with the sentiment expressed by Dan Harris of China Law Blog where he stated “Enforcement is Key.” As the law aims to extend protection to multitudes of workers from China’s vast countryside, enforcement of this law would be more problematic since so many of those from the countryside sleep on their rights for many reasons. They might simply not know what their rights are; or, they might not care to have their rights protected for the sake of getting or keeping a job.

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